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The Arsenal Habitat

When a group of competent, creative, and enthusiastic people are given the best tools in an environment of freedom, transparency, and merit based compensation, incredible things happen.

Who We Are

We are a unique company built for unique individuals. We reject the status quo because we know of a better way. We do things differently because we are a place built for the exceptional to thrive. These aren't just words to us, they are at the core of everything we do, everything we create, and every interaction we have. This is who we are. We are the people who make up the arsenal. We are Arsenal Web Systems.

Strictly Business

We are strictly business, and your personal life is none of our business. We have no HR department, and we never will. We have no benefits program, and we never will. Why? Because we are not arrogant enough to think that we can run your life or spend your paycheck better than you can. One of the few requirements of joining our team is that you have your own legal framework, such an LLC, to be paid as a business under. There are no "employees" at Arsenal. You are the captain of your own ship, you will be respected and interacted with as such. There will be those who are horrified by what they just read, and there will be those who know they have found a new home.

Transparent Compensation

Everyone can see our current hourly rates and package prices. In the same way, our compensation packages are public, simple, and universal. There are three ways you can get paid by Arsenal: As a technician, an affiliate, or as a reseller. Technicians earn 65% of our hourly rates. Affiliates earn 20% of the invoice totals, for the life of the client. Resellers receive a 20% discount of the invoice total. Simple as that. Some join our team as both a technician and as an affiliate. In this case they receive a maximum of 85% of the billable hours, leaving the remaining 15% to cover infrastructure and operational costs, such as hosting, credit card processing fees, legal, and bookkeeping. If you love interacting with clients and building things, but want the resources of a bigger team without the uninteresting chores of running a business, this is for you. If you're only interested in sub-contracting our staff, you can join us as a reseller. If you're a purest who only wants to deal with code, you can join us as a technician. Everyone else can join us as an affiliate and get paid for delivering new clients.

Exploring Possibilities

If you think you may be a valuable addition to our team, you can send us an email or call us at (888) 755-9421.